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Child Support

In Alberta, the general rule is that upon the breakdown of a relationship, the natural parent of a child must pay support for that child until the child reaches the age of majority. This applies to children of married parents who are divorcing or children of unmarried parents. This support may be extended beyond the age of majority where the child is enrolled in post-secondary education. 

There are very specific rules that the court uses in determining the amount of child support payable. These are called the Alberta Child Support Guidelines and the Federal Child Support Tables. The goal of these rules is to establish a plan for the parent to pay a set monthly amount to cover the child’s basic living expenses. The court may also direct that the parent contribute to the child’s special and extraordinary expenses, such as non-insured medical and dental expenses.

Max Blitt has over 40 years of specialized family law experience and can assist with any questions you may have regarding entitlement to child support.