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Emergency Protection and Restraining Orders

There are a number of different types of orders that a court can make to prohibit a person from making contact with another person. These are often referred to as “non-contact” or “restraining” orders. An Emergency Protection Order is one such type of order that can be obtained from the Provincial Court in a case where there is a need for immediate protection from violence or threatening behaviour from a family member.

A more general restraining order can be sought in the case of a threat or an assault by a wider range of people, including neighbours, coworkers, those in dating relationships, parents and adult children. All types of non-contact orders provide immediate protection and can be enforced by the police. Given their urgent nature, such orders are generally granted very quickly, often on the same day and without notice to the other party. 

Max Blitt has over 40 years of specialized family law experience and can advise you on all of your options, including obtaining an Emergency Protection Order or restraining order, if you feel that you or any other family member is in need of protection. If you believe that there is an imminent risk of physical harm to you or another family member, please call 911 and ask for police assistance.