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General Domestic & International Family Law

With over more than 40 years of specialist experience in domestic and international family law cases, Max Blitt has seen it all. He can help you with any aspect of your client’s case. 

In addition to being a seasoned litigator, Max is recognized as one of Canada’s leading experts in international family law and practices in the following areas:

  • Conflict of laws and forum issues in international family law cases
  • Recognition of foreign marriages and divorces
  • The validity of marriage agreements made in other jurisdictions
  • Enforcement of foreign divorce judgments or orders in Alberta
  • Enforcement of an Alberta judgment in another jurisdiction
  • International child custody disputes
  • International child abduction 
  • International child relocation
  • Freezing assets located in Alberta or other jurisdictions
  • Enforcing child or spousal support orders from other jurisdictions
  • Foreign property division/equalization
  • Same sex and cohabitation relationships
  • Applicability of the various Hague Conventions relevant to family law matters
  • Service of legal documents in other jurisdictions
  • Expert opinions and expert testimony

Max has assisted counsel in many different circumstances. He has helped in determining whether there is a risk of child abduction and has advised on how to avoid a child abduction and the steps required to secure the return of a child from a country that is a member or non-member of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. He has personally been successful in securing the return of children from over 20 countries, including Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon and Indonesia. Max has also written and lectured extensively on the international aspects of child abduction cases.